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Herman Ehrenberg Inductee, Mining's Past


Marco T. Einaudi Medal of Merit 

 Empire Southwest
Industry Partnership Award

Irl F. Engelhardt  Inductee 1999

William C. Epler Medal of Merit  1992

Warren E. Frenzi Medal of Merit  2001

Friends of Arizona
Mining & Mineral Museum
Special Citation

Barbara A. Filas Medal of Merit  2008

John Spence Finlay  Inductee, Mining's Past  2013

Charles F. Fogarty  Charter Member, Mining's Past  1983

Edward S. Frohling  Medal of Merit  2004


 Maurice C. Fuerstenau
 Inductee, Mining's Past

Antoine Marc Gaudin  Charter Member, Mining's Past  1983

 Fiorella Giana
Medal of Merit under 40

Laurence Golborne Riveros  Inductee 2011

 Gary J. Goldberg

 Golder Associates
 Industry Partnership

 Oscar González Rocha  Inductee2016

Wesley P. Goss  Inductee, Mining's Past  1990

 Juan José GradilloInductee, Mining's Pas2019

Louis Caryl Graton  Inductee, Mining's Past  2013

William Cornell Greene  Inductee, Mining's Past  1988

John Campbell Greenway  Inductee, Mining's Past  1986

Meyer Guggenheim  Inductee, Mining's Past  1993

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