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Arthur C. Daman  Inductee, Mining's Past  2010

William G. Davenport  Medal of Merit  2007

Senator Dennis DeConcini  Special Recognition  1994

Stanley H. Dempsey  Medal of Merit  2003

George H. Dern
Inductee, Mining's Past

Sean D. Dessureault

Medal of Merit Under 40  2013

Ernest R. Dickie  Inductee, Mining's Past  2014

John Van Nostrand Dorr  Inductee, Mining's Past  1997

James Douglas  Charter Member, Mining's Past  1983


James Stuart Douglas Inductee, Mining's Past  1992

William H. Dresher  Medal of Merit  2001

Hugo T. Dummett  Medal of Merit  1997

John C. Duncan  Inductee 1986

G. Robert Durham  Inductee 1989

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