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John Campbell Greenway


1986 Inductee from Mining's Past

John Greenway graduated from the Sheffield Scientific School of Yale University in 1895 and entered the mineral industry as a furnace helper for the Carnegie Steel Company. His engineering skills combined with strong leadership qualities positioned him early in his professional career as a developer of iron mining facilities on the western Mesabi Range of northern Minnesota.

Shifting his attention from iron to copper, Greenway later became the General Manager of the Calumet and Arizona Mining Company. At the New Cornelia mine in Ajo, Arizona, he supervised the development and construction of the first successful copper leaching plant in North America.

Greenway is credited with building three major mining communities and having patented four inventions significant to the mineral industry. He is remembered for his unselfishness and loyalty to the mining profession. His generosity is reflected in a bequest at his death of $100,000 to the employees of the New Cornelia Copper Company.

John C. Greenway was the first Arizonan honored in Statuary Hall in Washington, D.C.

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