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Modular Mining Systems, Inc.

2000 Industry Partnership Award

Founded in 1979 by James W. White, Michael J. Arnold, and Mark R Baker, Modular Mining Systems, Inc. developed, demonstrated, and marketed a novel product, named DISPATCH®. The system (custom hardware and software) optimized the assignment of trucks to loading and dumping points in an open pit mine and produced operating reports during the shift. Modular developed and installed a prototype system in a major southwestern mine. Using the prototype system as a base, Modular began its successful introduction of this technology to the minerals industry worldwide.

Today, Modular is developing or supporting systems for over 130 open pit client sites throughout the world. DISPATCH®, recently renamed INTELLIMINETM, yielded a productivity increase of 7% to 32%. Currently, they enjoy an 85% market share. In 1990, Modular expanded its product line to underground operations and now serves more than a dozen underground client sites. In 1998, Modular began work on development of a rail management system for a large mine in South America.

Recently, Modular joined with Komatsu to develop the world's first commercial driverless truck haulage system. Designed to provide significant returns to clients in large scale operations, these systems, which should be available for purchase within the next few years, will further revolutionize open pit mining as we know it today. Under the leadership of its founders, Modular has been an active supporter and participant in the Mining Foundation of the Southwest, SME, and numerous other industry related societies and organizations. Modular’s success is a splendid example of innovation, perseverance, and excellence in product development and support.

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