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Daniel Cowan Jackling


1983 Charter Member, Mining's Past

Daniel Jackling was born on a farm in Missouri in 1869. He graduated in 1892 from the Missouri School of Mines with a degree in metallurgy and started his career in an assay office in Cripple Creek, Colorado.

Working in an experimental mill with Charles MacNeill, Jackling solved the milling problems of the Cripple Creek ore. While working at the Mercur Mine in Utah, he began investigating the low grade ore from Bingham Canyon. Based on his tests of the ore and the development of improved methods of concentration, Jackling proposed to open-pit mine the Bingham Canyon deposit using steam shovels and railroads. Working with Seeley Mudd and the Guggenheim Exploration Company consultants, Jackling finally proved 50,000,000 tons of ore grading 1.93% copper. The Guggenheim Company agreed to finance the development of Utah Copper Company. Jackling served as General Manager, Managing Director, and President of Utah Copper Company, developing Bingham as the first large scale open pit mine and concentrators complex in the United States. Jackling later applied these same principles of large scale operations to develop the Chino and Ray mines in the Southwest.

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