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Arthur Fay Taggart


1983 Charter Member, Mining's Past

Arthur Fay Taggart was born in New York City in 1884 and received his early education there. He continued his training at Stanford University, receiving an Engineer of Mines degree in 1910. After one year in Bolivia, he joined the faculty in mining at Yale University, and in 1919, he became Professor of Mineral Dressing at Columbia University. At Columbia, he started work on his first edition of the "Handbook of Ore Dressing," which was published in 1927. Due to rapid changes in the field of ore dressing in the mid-thirties, Taggart began work on his revised "Handbook", which sought the useful empirical relations and tabulations summarizing practice. This represented the first stage in the transition of engineering from an art to a science. The "Handbook" is still widely used in the mineral industry, and Taggart is well known and respected throughout the world.

Taggart retired from Columbia University in 1951 as Vinton Professor Mining. Thereafter, he frequently served as an advisor to industry, particularly as an expert in the field of patent litigation.

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