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MFSW Education Outreach Coordinator

MFSW funds an Education Outreach Coordinator position managed through the Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources at the University of Arizona. Pamela A.K. Wilkinson has served as the coordinator since March 30, 2009. The position was previously managed through the Arizona Department of Mines and Mineral Resources and the Arizona Geological Survey. She currently reports directly to Dr. Mary P. Poulton, Director of the Institute.

Pam received her B.S. in Geology from the College of William and Mary where she also became a certified Earth Science teacher, and her M.S. in Geology from Eastern Kentucky University. After completing her education, Pam worked as an exploration geologist for Duval Corporation and U.S. Borax and Chemical Corporation. Pam has also worked as a volunteer and scientist-in-residence for grades K-6. She taught, developed lesson plans, and led field trips on a variety of geology and mining related subjects.

As Outreach Coordinator, Pam now visits schools and civic organizations throughout Arizona to ensure that the public understands the importance of mining to our economy, our lifestyle and our quality of life. Pam presents her program to over 10,000 students and adults during every school year.

Pam's ability to match the message to her audience has made her presentations on mining, minerals, and earth science interesting and engaging. She speaks their language and knows what will get kids and young adults interested in science, and opens their minds through fun, hands-on activities. Your support of this education program through the Foundation is appreciated.

In addition, a scale-model diorama of a modern open-pit copper mine, funded by the Foundation, is now on exhibit at the Arizona Historical Society Museum at Papago Park in Tempe.

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